DIY Mother's Day Gifts


Mothers treasure handmade gifts because they come straight from the heart -- and hands -- of their favorite kid in the world. The good news is that even kids who have graduated into adulthood and are well beyond thrilling Mom with a macaroni necklace can create a handmade gift for Mother's Day. Read on for some fun and simple ideas.

Gardening Kit

Mother's Day falls at prime planting season, so mothers who love to garden will appreciate a gardening kit. Pick up a garden caddy and fill it with gardening gloves, a nice pair of shears, a trowel and a small rake. Now for the DIY part -- draw or paint a picture or her initials on the gardening gloves or create a set of seed starters she can plant directly into the garden. To make seed starters, simply take some plain white shredded paper and mix in an equal amount of shredded tissue paper in Mom's favorite colors. Wet the paper and break it up into smaller bits. Then place a cookie cutter in the bottom of a colander, fill it with shredded paper and squeeze out as much water as you can. Pop the paper shape out, sprinkle some wildflower seeds on top of it and place it on a piece of cardboard to dry. Mom can plant these dry seed starters in a pot or directly in her garden and think of her fabulous kid every time she looks at the blooms.

Sewing Kit

If you have a mason jar sitting around unused, make a sewing kit for Mom that is way cuter than that cheap plastic-wrapped thing she snagged from a hotel room. Fill the jar with some spools of thread in pretty colors, some interesting buttons, a measuring tape and a packet of pins. Then find a fabric square in colors and patterns Mom will love. Place the fabric on a work surface with the wrong side facing up. Put a small handful of cotton batting on the fabric and then cover the batting with a mason jar lid. Push the whole thing through a mason jar ring to make a pin cushion, trim off excess fabric from the bottom and use a hot glue gun to hold the fabric in place on the mason jar lid. Screw the lid on the jar and Mom will love her perfect gift. You can buy fabrics from Fabrics Etc or a similar company.

Memory Jar

Remind Mom of a special time the two of you shared with a memory jar. It can be filled with memories from a vacation or a special hobby you share. Find a pretty jar and fill it with beach sand, shells and pictures from a vacation or a hand-written favorite cookie recipe, a cinnamon stick, a vanilla bean and a picture of you cooking together. Pop on a lid and present her with a visual reminder of a memory she can visit again and again.   


27 April 2016

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