Accessories To Make Road Trip Emergencies A Little Less Dire


When people think of roadside emergencies, the most vital issues usually come to mind. You need to be able to call a mechanic, and you should have food and water on hand in case rescue takes longer than expected. Planning for only the worst emergencies is a good start, but unless you're on a hardcore survival trip where you can only pack the bare necessities for life, there's no reason to make yourself more comfortable. Here are a few emergency preparation accessories that can add more comfort, and can even boost those dire needs with the right planning.

Phone Management For Emergencies.

Smartphones are at the top of consumer communications, and it's unwise to go on a trip without one. If getting away from responsibilities and obligations is your issue, just get a burner phone--a phone that is inexpensive and can be thrown away if you don't want to hold onto it. You need to be able to call for help, and the old days of knocking on strange doors on highways and in the woods should be your last resort.

If you're using a smartphone, know that you're using a battery-draining computer. The phone component is just a small feature, so you'd be better off with a flip phone or brick phone such as the Samsung Katana or the Nokia 3310 device for pure communications.

That said, voice and text-only communication is not necessary. Don't let that "bare minimum" mentality take over, as there are a few things that are easier with a smartphone or tablet. As long as you're within reception area, you can search nearby areas for the best mechanic, food, and hotel options instead of stumbling upon the first building you see.

Be sure to map out your trip against phone signal maps such as OpenSignal to figure out if your path takes you through outage areas, just to know where you should go if you're stuck without a signal.

Battery Management For Mobile Communications Support

With phones as you emergency and entertainment, you need to have backup batteries. Thankfully, mobile device batteries are small and their charging options are compact.

First, figure out which batteries you need. Look up your phone's model number and try to find the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries, as this will ensure at least standard battery performance. Aftermarket/third-party batteries are fine as long as you can confirm ahead of time that their performance is the same or better.

Three or four extra batteries can give you a decent rotation of charging power during your trip, but don't go through your spares just because you don't feel like charging on the go. Save the spares for when you can't charge your batteries, and keep travel charges handy for non-emergencies.

Two chargers that can connect to both a car's cigarette lighter and local wall electrical outlets is necessary, just in case the first charge burns out or is damaged by people who jam the chargers into place too roughly. Many chargers are damaged by hasty or sloppy connections as the thin connection pens are bent out of place or broken off.

There are also battery pack chargers that are filled with phone batteries to charge your device, as well as docks that can charge your batteries without being in a phone. Keep all of these batteries and accessories in a cool area outside of direct sunlight to avoid battery swelling and small explosions, which will likely be a risk for summer trips.

Contact an emergency supplies professional, like Koontz Hardware, for a selection of accessories to make emergencies easier.


10 June 2017

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