Design Dance Costumes For A Live Parade Performance


If you are going to be dancing on a float in a parade this spring and are responsible for designing the costumes that you and your fellow performers will be wearing, the garments should be already assembled or fairly easy to construct if you are a novice sewer. Basic costumes will stand out and attract the viewers of the parade by choosing bright-colored fabric and securing chainette fringe to sleeves, necklines, or hems.

10 December 2018

Accessories To Make Road Trip Emergencies A Little Less Dire


When people think of roadside emergencies, the most vital issues usually come to mind. You need to be able to call a mechanic, and you should have food and water on hand in case rescue takes longer than expected. Planning for only the worst emergencies is a good start, but unless you're on a hardcore survival trip where you can only pack the bare necessities for life, there's no reason to make yourself more comfortable.

10 June 2017

DIY Mother's Day Gifts


Mothers treasure handmade gifts because they come straight from the heart -- and hands -- of their favorite kid in the world. The good news is that even kids who have graduated into adulthood and are well beyond thrilling Mom with a macaroni necklace can create a handmade gift for Mother's Day. Read on for some fun and simple ideas. Gardening Kit Mother's Day falls at prime planting season, so mothers who love to garden will appreciate a gardening kit.

27 April 2016

Tips for Repairing a Damaged Picture Frame


When your antique picture frame is damaged, it can detract from the art itself. Flaws like scratches or cracked glass can be particularly problematic, but one of the most common problems is separated joints. In most cases, a picture frame's joints separate because they were insufficiently sealed and reinforced initially. You can add additional reinforcement to protect it, but make sure you also deal with cracked glass and other damage at the same time.

29 June 2015

Want to Display Some Family Photos? Try These Simple DIY Ideas


Do you have dozens of photo albums that you'd love to show off to your guests? You could set them out on your coffee table but that would take up valuable space. An easier way to show off your family photos is to display them in picture frames. In addition to purchasing custom frames for your family photos, there are creative ways to display them. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

2 October 2014